Wednesday, May 04, 2005

More bias from Google?

WorldNetDaily: Google censoring conservative ads?

Google's AdWords program places text ads in the right-hand margin of search result pages that relate to the words a user types in. So, a search for "Tom DeLay" elicits ads for mostly anti-DeLay sites.

Upon seeing one of those ads, decided to place an ad using the same words but just swapping Pelosi's name for DeLay. The ad read: "Truth about Nancy Pelosi: Learn about Pelosi's many scandals and help us clean up the House!"

Said "That's all we did – we took the liberal ad and changed the words to make it a conservative ad."

...Mike Mayzel, a spokesman for Google, says both the anti-Pelosi ad and the anti-DeLay ad are gone.

"Both ads were taken down," he told WND.

Is Google going to be the next media outlet to alienate half the country by promoting ideology while protesting its neutrality? I hope not.

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