Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Happy to be a day late & a dollar short

I had been writing a book on the origins issue. The thesis was that discussion of origins had been hijacked by extremists on both sides who distort both science and Christianity in promoting their ideologies, and that Christians could help repair the damage by disregarding the dogmatic pronouncements of theologically unbalanced, demagogic, sectarian creationist leaders and instead return to a serious examination of what the Bible actually says. Much harm is being done to the cause of Christ by those who now now assert that a novel doctrine with roots in Seventh-Day Adventism --young earth creationism and a global flood-- are the clear teaching of the Bible and campaign for them as a test of orthodoxy and fellowship.

Today I began reading Hugh Ross's new book, A Matter of Days: Resolving a Creation Controversy. In the first few chapters, Ross makes the same point I wanted to make, and probably more effectively too. So now I have half a book that is suddenly redundant. Maybe I'll put it online, on the site I plan to set up and relocate the blog to.

So much for my second career as an author. Still, I'm very glad that someone of Ross's stature is saying what I think needs to be said. May his book be widely read and his warnings taken seriously.