Sunday, April 17, 2005

Back to the future in the East and West

Wretchard at the Belmont Club thinks that China's development of a blue-water navy suggests similar machinations to that ot Imperial Japan 60 years ago: protect the sea lanes used to import its oil while extending regional hegemony. Meanwhile, PubliusPundit (hat tip: InstaPundit) thinks that the Chinese Communist regime's consideration of foreign adventures is a desperate measure from a dying regime.

Speaking of regimes past their prime, Wretchard also suggests that the European Union was, from a French perspective, an attempt at Gerrymandering: losing their majority status in France to North African immigrants, ethnic French see a united Europe as a way to remain in the majority. Yet the penchant in some parts of the EU for free markets clashes with France's socialist ways, tilting France toward saying non to the EU constitution, dealing a grave blow to European integration. The Danes are rethinking some things too (another H/T to InstaPundit).

About six weeks ago I suggested that Europe would likely turn back from its march toward a bland, secular superstate cowering in fear of militant Islam.