Monday, April 11, 2005

And now for something... completely different


The deals haven't been finalized yet, but it's looking as if Iran will begin promoting its tourism sites to Americans and Britons on cable networks in each country.

...Iran would provide the footage for the spots, which will feature "Iranian tourist sites," but "not. . . Friday prayers."

Can't imagine why. I'm sure there are many Americans whose idea of a fun vacation includes being surrounded by a mob chanting, "Death to the Great Satan! Allah Akhbar!"

Really, it would be a vacation experience like no other. Where else would you find jolly tour guides who are ayatollahs? Or get a fatwa with your driving directions? There won't be any loud drunks at the next table while you're trying to have a nice dinner. And if your wife spends too much at the casbah, bring her to the town square for a public flogging!

So it seems that the mullahs hate Americans... unless they come with tourist dollars. Maybe we can do a deal. Americans will visit Iran if the mullahs all pack up and move to Saudi Arabia.