Thursday, March 10, 2005

Washington to mess with taxes?

Fox News:

"We need to throw out the current income tax system, look at various types of consumption tax, so people can see how much they're paying rather than all the disguised taxes we have today, DeMint said."

This sounds like the Fair Tax movement might be gaining some traction in Congress. I suppose it could be called the Demagogue Endangerment Act, since it would take the malarkey of "tax cuts for the rich" off the table while the proposed rebate would ensure that the poor would be exempt.

DeMint also points out one of the big flaws in the current system: that paying income tax is not noticed in the same way as taxes that you pay at time of purchase. This has become even more pronounced in the last few years, when public dialogue equates one's annual tax refund with government giveaways, as in the euphemism of "rebates" of taxes that one has not actually paid.

But why stop there? Why not end every activity and agency of the federal government that is not specifically mandated by the Constitution? Why not at least discuss it, so people have an informed choice?