Monday, March 14, 2005

Science and Christianity Showcase

The Science and Christianity Showcase is up at Allthings2all. I've just had a quick glance at it before jumping in, and it looks like there's a lot of interesting stuff. Tell your friends!

A contribution from yours truly is included, in which I advocate open, online scientific journals. I see a number of significant benefits, and some potential pitfalls which should be manageable. Other posts I have written that relate to Christianity and science, which also relate specifically to the post that Catez included:

  • Science vs. faith, in another context

  • Role reversal: suppressing heresy

  • Further thoughts on previous post: control through fear

  • Crushing of dissent at Smithsonian

  • Further thought on Smithsonian witch hunt

  • Macroevolution: a smoking gun

  • Now it might be said that some of these are less than collegial, but there are some things that ought to be opposed rather than acceded to. Suppression of dissent is one of those, especially in science.