Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Republicans did the chicken dance for Terri

It's what I thought as soon as I learned the upshot of the weekend legislation on the Terri Schiavo case. This was no heroic effort. The judge in Florida thumbed his nose at the Congressional subpoena, and Congress just took it. Then they passed the buck.

Congressional Republicans were in a dilemma. They need those pro-life votes, but their real commitment is to risk-avoidance. So they did the chicken dance. They flapped their arms, squawked and made a big fuss about what was happening to Terri. But instead of taking the bull by the horns --a daring feat for a chicken!-- they passed the buck to a federal judge.

Aw shucks! We really wanted to rescue Terri and all. We truly did! But that mean ole judge said no, just like those mean ole Democrats in Congress and the courts.

Now, Congressional Republicans still have the chance to prove me wrong while Terri lives, but if they do nothing besides make more noises, pro-life voters should think long and hard about whether Republicans are pro-life or just pro-gesture. So far, seems to me, they have shown themselves to be either insincere or ineffectual, neither of which makes them fitting representatives of pro-life voters.

See, I said I can't discuss this calmly.