Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Live-blogging Bush Middle East speech

My first attempt at live-blogging: Bush's address on Fox News. Quotes in italics are approximate or paraphrases.

Calling out Syria & Iran: End support for terror now. Didn't he have something to say about state sponsors of terrorism shortly after 9-11?

Hello, Hosni! Arab states must end public & private hate mongering.

Elections need multiple canditates. Now there's a thought!

We look forward to the day when the Iranian people are free. Segues immediately into situation in Iraq. Hmmm...

Support democratic movements in all nations with goal of ending tyranny in the world.... Not by force of arms. Freedom must be chosen. But sometimes those nasty dictators have a habit of getting in the way. What to do???

Support for nations now simmering in despair. Syria?

Suppressed desire for freedom can emerge with sudden power. Seems like InstaPundit said this in the past, but I can't remember where.