Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Falwell Factor: more on "Christian celebrities"

Jeff the Baptist notes my comments on evangelical spokesmen and moves the ball further:

The power of the Evangelical movement is the Holy Spirit. It is individuals communicating and representing the truth that is God and Christ. I think it is important to have some of these individuals as good spokesmen in the public sector. I think it is equally or more important for the rest of us to be good representatives of Christ at home and in our communities.

...But on the other hand how many of us are capable, I mean really capable, of being spokesmen or spokeswomen even in our own communities. Can you give the reason for the hope you have within you? It is not an easy task.

Indeed. It involves a lot of study and reflection over a long period, coupled with the humility that comes from realizing that even then our answers are only partial. My fear is that too many young Christians are more conversant with the lyrics and lives of Christian musicians than with the basis of their faith -God's word- and its relevance to today's problems. There are exceptions of course, but I think that church activities need to be more about learning and discipleship than socializing and entertainment. I see a great willingness to reach out, but confusion and uncertainty about what to reach out with.

In the last election, evangelicals gained the attention of the press and politicians by the way they voted. We ought to be getting their attention all the time by the way we live. To bring this back to Jeff's point, we are filled with the Holy Spirit through learning and submitting ourselves to God's will as revealed in the Bible; listening to the radio helps only to the extent that it is conducive to this.