Thursday, March 10, 2005

Dilemma: Terri Schiavo story takes new turn

WorldNetDaily: A California businessman has offered $1 million to the husband of a brain-damaged Florida woman if he will give up guardianship of her – a move that would save her from court-ordered starvation set to begin next Friday.

On the one hand, Terri's "husband" claims that she would want to be killed, while some people ask aloud if he's scared of her regaining her speech and spilling the beans about the mysterious incident that left her brain-damaged. On the other hand, he stands to make a million bucks. And if society looks down on a gigolo, what's to be said about someone who will allow his wife to live if he's paid?

Aside from whether Michael Schiavo takes the money or not, is the possible problem of precedent. Many people think it's a bad precedent for Ward Churchill to be offered a buyout of his contract, since this might encourage other leftist loonies in academia to make outrageous statements in the hope of receiving similar offers. If Schiavo accepts, I wonder whether other legal guardians of brain-damaged people will make a public show of seeking to pull the plug in order to receive similar offers. So while the businessman's offer is a noble and generous act to save Terri's life, I hope this demand doesn't generate a supply.