Friday, March 11, 2005

Congress outfoxed by a Bear

N.Z. Bear:

As "Captain Ed" Morrissey of the political blog Captain's Quarters said in an open letter to Sens. McCain and Feingold, during the presidential campaign he linked to Kerry's Web site four times as often as to Bush's, "which would have meant to the FEC that I was a major contributor to his campaign." In fact, he was a Bush supporter.

Where Ed sees stupidity, I see opportunity! It's rare that such a fine chance for amusing civil disobedience comes along.

Unless I'm missing something (entirely posssible), current campaign finance rules would hold the offending blogger responsible for giving a "contribution" with their dirty, dirty link --- but they would also hold the campaign linked to responsible, regardless of whether the campaign wanted the link or not.

Catching on yet? It's easy, and fun, too! Simply pick the least desirable candidate whose sheer presence on our fair planet offends you, and link, link, link to their site!

How incredibly devious. I love it! Not that it takes a genius to pull a reductio ad absurdam on Congress, but this is brilliant. I've suddenly got the feeling I'll be writing a lot about Hillary in roughly three years.

Or maybe we shouldn't wait that long. Maybe the blogosphere will (I hope) cause McCain-Feingold to implode as soon as candidates declare themselves, by exceeding limits on personal donations.

Of course, the FEC will have to assign some monetary value to each blogger's link. So, for example, a single link from this guy might exceed his allowable donation, while I could link to someone 1000 times and it might be worth a cup of coffee. But then, would that mean that Glenn wouldn't be allowed to link to anyone since it would be worth too much? The absurd possibilities are endless.