Thursday, March 03, 2005

4.5 days per victim

That's what it works out to. Abu Bakar Bashir was found guilty of conspiracy relating to the Bali pub bombing, and got what amounts to 4.5 days in prison for each person killed.

This sentence comes down as tsunami relief efforts continue in Indonesia, led by the Aussies and Americans; it is the legal equivalent of biting the hand that feeds you. Or maybe spitting on a doctor who is binding your wounds.

Fox News:

U.S. terrorism expert Zachary Abuza said that Bashir supporters would be emboldened that the court dropped the serious charges. He said he'd expected the court to hand down an even lighter sentence.

"They (Bashir's followers) are going to feel vindicated, that prosecutors have to drop many charges against him and indeed dropped demands for a fuller sentence," Abuza said.

No culture is better than another, huh? Tell it to the victims' families, who will see this monster walk out of prison to a hero's welcome and resume preaching jihad before the last tsunami aid workers depart.