Thursday, February 24, 2005

Professional demagogues in the church

Upon reflection I think that my reference to "professional demagogues in the church" might have been confusing. I was not speaking of those in ministry in local churches, which is in accordance with the biblical model of church leadership, but certain authors, speakers and parachurch ministries. In fact, I will name a couple of names, since in accordance with Matthew a8:15-17 I and others have appealed to these organizations to reconsider their means and ends.

One is Answers in Genesis, a prominent creationist organization, which I believe has become theologically unbalanced, sectarian and unChristlike in behavior.

Another is Focus on the Family, which I fear promotes a Pharisaic mentality among evangelicals, and mistakenly thinks that spreading Chrisitanity is primarily a matter of political action and legal coercion.

That is not to say that everything these two organizations say and do are wrong, but both of them depend on financial donations to do their work, and motivate followers through pointing to a certain group of people (e.g. evolutionists, "compromising" Christians or homosexuals) as enemies to be defeated, contrary to Ephesians 6:12, rather than treating these people as fellow human beings created in God's image.

To put a different light on it, I prevent my younger two kids from listening to much Christian radio, because I don't want them hearing about homosexuality several times every day.