Saturday, February 19, 2005


NewsMax: "Karl Rove, President Bush's top political strategist, on Thursday pronounced conservatism the 'dominant political creed in America' and coached fellow conservatives on how to support his boss."

How far have the markers been moved in the last generation? Under Bush's tenure, the Dept. of Education saw a 50% funding increase. Farm subsidies saw large increases. Deficits are shooting through the roof. That's conservatism?

People on the left talk as if the Bush administration is a small step from fascism, Nazism, the KKK, etc. Ignore the rhetoric for a minute and look at what has actually been going on in terms of fiscal and social policy. The government is still spending like a drunken sailor and for all the cries of McCarthyism and legislating morality, social decay continues apace and Christians seem to be the only people who can get in trouble for speaking their minds.

Seems to me that the Bush administration (and the Republican Congress) is center-left if anything. Sure, judged by the standard of socialism, which is what most of the Democrats now espouse (Nancy Pelosi was a card-carrying member of the World Workers' Party until just days before she became the House minority leader), just about anything would seem "right-wing" by comparison. But despite the shrill shrieking of the left, big government chugs happily along.