Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Caught... in the act of being a Christian

Christianity Today Weblog: "Being against gay marriage and 'special rights,' but insisting, 'I'm not going to kick gays, because I'm a sinner' sounds straight down the middle of the evangelical world to Weblog."

Sounds right to me too. Of course, this candid statement by President Bush won't go over well with either extreme: those who consider homosexual behavior some special category of sin to be denounced above all others (like say, divorce, self-rightousness or gossip), or those who insist on a false dilemma of either supporting gay marriage or being nasty, hate-filled bigots.

What we have here is Bush being "exposed" as a decent, thinking Christian. I must admit, that when Dubya first ran for president I figured he was just another politician pandering to evangelicals by pretending to be a believer. Four years on, while I don't always agree with Bush on everything I have become convinved that he is a sincere Christian.

(The title of this post was adapted from an album titled Caught... In the Act of Loving Him, recorded by Christian rock group Servant, some 20+ years ago now.)