Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Unprincipled politics - Californians Dreaming of Secession?: "'For every dollar Californians give to the federal government we see only 78-cents come back,' the group's website says. It also expresses concern about 'the diminishing voice of Californians in national politics' and 'national trends that are tipping the balance in the direction of the religious conservative agenda.'"

The failure of John Kerry to win the White House has had an unusual effect. Leftists are suddenly re-thinking the merits of a strong federal government that fosters dependence through taxation and largesse and promotes a specific ideology. It was somehow OK when the essentially humanistic Clinton administration held the reins, but it's not OK now. It is painfully obvious but needs to be pointed out anyway: to change one's mind about what is right or wrong depending on who benefits is to be entirely without principle.

Of course, if Democrats are swept to power in four years, the desirability of federalism will quickly revert to the province of knuckle-dragging conservatives.