Saturday, January 01, 2005

Meme chose: the UN

According to Diplomad (via Powerline), USAID workers in Indonesia are saying that they and the Aussies are doing the heavy lifting there while the UN is busy with press conferences, arranging comfy quarters for their arriving workers, and deceitfully taking credit for the useful work of others. On the one hand, this is an unverified claim from an anonymous US official. On the other hand, this is so consistent with the UN's typical behavior that it's all too believable. It's been said that one ought to live their life in such a way that when they are accused of being an evildoer it isn't believed. The converse is illustrated here: the UN is depicted as useless, self-serving and cynically exploitative of human suffering, and my first reaction is, "Yup. Sounds like the UN."

Hopefully 2005 will be the year that those nations who love freedom and help the unfortunate more than they talk about helping them will finally cut off the parasite on the East River. The UN needs the USA, the Aussies, the Brits. The latter don't need the UN and achieve tangible results only without it. What the Bush administration thinks it needs the UN for, I can't even imagine.