Saturday, January 29, 2005

Crushing of dissent at Smithsonian

WorldNetDaily: "First, he asked whether Sternberg was a religious fundamentalist. She told him no. Coddington then asked if Sternberg was affiliated with or belonged to any religious organization. ... He then asked where Sternberg stood politically; ... he asked, 'Is he a right-winger? What is his political affiliation?'

The supervisor recounted the conversation to Sternberg, who also quotes her observing: "There are Christians here, but they keep their heads down."

Why must a Christian keep his or her head down? Biology is not inherently anti- or un-Christian. Some Christians are even evolutionists, in the biological sense. The word has apparently taken on additional meaning though: one which takes a rigid position on issues that are outside the domain of science.

Here is further evidence that, for some in the scientific establishment, Darwinism is not so much an explanation of biological phenomena as an anti-Christian worldview. We see a meaning of the term "evolution" that has nothing to do with the origin of new species through mutation and natural selection. It is a philosophical position being given the cloak of science.

Klinghoffer points out the circularity of the arguments of critics who insisted intelligent design was unscientific because if had not been put forward in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

"Now that it has," he wrote, "they argue that it shouldn't have been because it's unscientific."

Over the past few years, but most dramatically during the recent presedential election, we have seen the unmasking of propaganda posing as journalism, made possible because a few people effectively acted as gatekeepers deciding what the public needs to be told, and how. Of course, it doesn't follow from this realization that real journalism doesn't exist, or that all journalists are ideological partisans. Similarly, there has been an academic oligopoly with decision-making power in hiring and publishing, who have been effectively defining science as denial of a Creator. Yes, many Christians are scientists, but it's hard to tell how many must "keep their heads down". Biology will stagnate if it continues to be controlled by gatekeepers who impose a fringe, non-scientific dogma upon it.