Friday, January 14, 2005

Clueless intelligentsia

NewsMax: "A 62 to 22 percent (almost 3-to-1) majority of Americans did not trust 'the press'; Europeans were split 47 to 46 percent."

Gee, I can't imagine what caused this. I can't be stuff like Memogate, because Dan Rather absolved himself of wrongdoing. And all this time CNN has had their weekly program where they analyze the possibility of media bias and, after careful deliberation, conclude that there's not a problem.

The mainstream media suffers from the same problem as leftists generally: they spend so much time in echo chambers where likeminded friends confirm each other's myopia and prejudices that they are increasingly unaware that reasoned dissent even exists.

I wonder if the DNC will maintain this error by electing a rabid ideologue like Howard Dean to lead them. If so, Democrats will marginalize themselves even more and the US will drift toward being effectively a one-party state, which is a bad thing. The Dems are sorely mistaken if they think that they will score points by championing the UN and trade unions; the same survey shows mistrust of those entities also. Serves them right though. Given their penchant for systematic election fraud and attempts to litigate narrow losses into victories, their disrespect for the democratic process makes them currently unfit to govern. What an opportunity for a new center-left party to take their place! Oh, wait. The Republicans already have. Just don't tell the mainstream media; they think they're Nazis.