Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Bob the Tomato on SpongeBob

Christianity Today: interviews Veggie Tales co-creator Phil Vischer on the fuss over SpngeBob:

What concerns do you have about this debate over We Are Family (and its related issue of SpongeBob's sexual identity)?

To be honest, I'm really not sure what we're trying to accomplish here. I find somewhat baffling the great shock we evangelicals register when we catch the world acting, well, 'worldly.' I mean, isn't that kind of the point? They're the 'world,' right? When you start with the assumption that the world is fallen, you're much less likely to be disappointed when you find it actually to be the case.

Doh! Now why can't the MSM interview Bob the Tomato when it wants an evangelical perspective? Why does it always have to be Dobson, Falwell or Robertson? It would be more entertaining and likely more informative, not to mention less likely to produce the usual result:

I doubt if this specific incident will amount to anything more than another "look at the wacky evangelicals" sidebar.

Some are wacky, no doubt. But what do we say about the MSM always seeking out evangelicalism's worst spokesmen, and even then misrepresenting their views? Just for a lark, they ought to try getting a quote or two from this guy?