Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Why there won't be an American theocracy, although...

David Brooks: "Natalists resist the declining fertility trends not because of income, education or other socioeconomic characteristics. It's attitudes. People with larger families tend to attend religious services more often, and tend to have more traditional gender roles. ... Natalists are associated with red America, but they're not launching a jihad. ...People who have enough kids for a basketball team are too busy to fight a culture war."

I wonder whether this insight will cause the secular left to chill out, and live-and-let-live. They'd have to stop screaming long enough to listen.

What I am curious about is how this will affect long-term demographic trends. While I'm tempted to put my tongue in my cheek and invoke Darwin, it is true that to the extent Brooks describes things accurately, the children of the "natalists" will be more secure, less scarred from peer dependency and a soulless pop culture that promotes a model of humanity as mere animals (with Visa cards and iPods), less dependent on government largesse and ...well... more numerous.

Never mind. Maybe the secular fundamentalists do have something to worry about.