Tuesday, December 07, 2004

`Tis the season for anti-Christian bloviating

(via Christianity Today)

MSNBC - Religion: The Birth of Jesus


Ah yes. Predictable as the tide. It's the Christmas season, when mainstream media outlets do hit pieces on historic Christianity, bolstered by a stacked deck of liberal (i.e. unbelieving) scholars. Think they would balance the articles with input from reputable evangelical or Catholic scholars? No, that wouldn't fit the predetermined conclusion of the "journalism", namely that it's OK to believe as long as you don't actually think it's true or anything.

(As I write this, Fox News is promoting the same crap in an interview. Not fair & balanced this time, just an unbeliever being interviewed by a well-intended but uninformed Rick Folbaum.)

Yeah, yeah. See you at Easter, guys.