Friday, December 03, 2004

Oil prices: an interesting trend

Power Line's Rocket Man notices an interesting trend: "The price rose into the mid-$40s by September, then took off like a shot. Between September 16 and October 25--the height of the election season--the spot price of crude oil rose from $43.90 to a peak of $55.23.

Prices then started to fall, slowly at first, then more rapidly. As of yesterday, it was back down to $43.26. "

Now why would an Islamic oligarchy, source of most of the funds and manpower used in the 9-11 attacks, want the price of oil to go through the roof right before the presidential election? Perhaps Michael Moore would like to answer that. Never mind. He'd have an answer no doubt but it wouldn't be reality-based.

SOOoooooooo... Wahhabists have their hands on oil price controls. Hydrogen fuel cells, anyone?