Thursday, December 02, 2004

Latest UN outrage: our corruption not a problem, US sovereignty is

Belmont Club: "Others see [proposed restructuring of the UN Security Council] as a step towards creating a new international order, one with that most important of sovereign attributes: a monopoly on the legal use of force."

With all the recent scandals and dysfunctional, corrupt leadership at the UN, the focus of attention is "reform" that would have the effect of ending American sovereignty and autonomy. This cynical, wretched preference for bureaucratic kleptocracy over democracy and freedom seems to be in the DNA of the United Nations. Oh, and they are also proposing lowering the requirements to justify UN military intervention. So while they seek to make American military activity subject to the UN's will --i.e. to abolish an American military as such-- they could in the future use God-knows-what justification for UN troops to invade the US. Not so farfetched a possibility, given that some prominent "human rights" orgs like Amnesty International currently see the US and Israel as the worst offenders of human rights.

The US needs to get out of the UN and kick the UN out of American territory, and it needs to happen now. The alternative is loss of American sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable, cynical and corrupt world government that plainly states that the possibility of WMD attacks in America is an acceptible price to pay for "international order"; where American removal of the butcher Saddam is condemned as "illegal" but French troops firing on unarmed civilians in the Ivory Coast is ignored; where Christianity is reviled but Islam given several dozen votes; where the US is kicked off the Human Rights panel to make room for the genocidal regime of Sudan.

The UN is a failed attempt at establishing peace through the secular religion of humanism. We need to pull the plug before this Frankenstein's monster comes fully to life.

A few questions that the American people and leaders ought to ask themselves:

* When were we asked whether we want to belong to an organization that seeks to be a world government?

* To whom is this wanna-be world government accountable? To which voters?

* What say do voters anywhere have in the formation of "international law"

* What do the actions of the UN reveal about their understanding of the nature of human rights?

Discussion of this issue is long past due. If Americans know less about this than about SpongeBob SquarePants, then they deserve slavery and will probably get it.