Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Resurrection of the Moral Majority NewsMax: "The Rev. Jerry Falwell announced Tuesday he has formed a new coalition to guide an "evangelical revolution."

It didn't work when he was leading a movement, and it won't work now that he is following one. Cal Thomas and Ed Dobson show in Blinded by Might that the Kingdom of God and the world of politics are not the same. Indeed, Christians do more harm than good when this is forgotten. There is a world of difference between inner transformation and coerced external compliance with legal mandates. As the apostle Paul wrote, the Law has only the power to point out sin and condemn; it has no power to regenerate and liberate.

If Falwell intends that Christians be unified as a witness to what God says is right and wrong, well and good. If this is a repeat of seeing the Republican party as another Constantine, it will meet with the same disappointment as it met in the late 1980s, and might even end in the election of another Bill Clinton four years from now.