Friday, November 05, 2004

Demonstrating why Dems lost, enlightened leftist spews bile

--Back from business travel--

(Via Drudge) This rant is how one Slate contributor chose to react to President Bush's convincing reelection: pure secular leftist elitism. She "admits" what the intelligentsia know: that the masses are unthinking, barbaric, evil, and many are even -gasp!- Bible-believing Christians! No wonder they didn't see the wisdom of electing Jean-Francois Kerry.

It will be intesesting now to see which direction the Democrats take now after three successive election losses. They can either move toward moderation as Joe Lieberman demonstrates and be more inclusive as Zell Miller argues, or they can continue to embrace anger and bitterness as exemplified by Michael Moore, Al Franken, Al Gore, and the above author, and continue to spiral downward to even less relevance. Poor Fox News contributor Pat Caddell! If the Dems had heeded his message of moderation they might well have won the White House, and Caddell had been saying for months that because they wouldn't his party was doomed to losing.

John Kerry's concession speech was moderate and even gracious. Yet nobody needs to be reminded of the need for unity and respect more than the rage-filled wing of his own party. If they don't figure that out, America will be functionally a one-party state, and that's not good for any of us. On the other hand, the majority rejected the thuggery and hectoring of the leftists and the propaganda that now passes for journalism in many quarters, and voted for someone other than the one they were told to vote for. The Republic still lives.