Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Yes, Virginia, there are Brownshirts

NewsMax: Brownshirts on the March

"This kind of unrestrained thuggery is going on all across the nation, and the thugs are all supporters of [Democrats] - all of them acolytes of the Kerry/Edwards campaign, no matter how loudly the Democratic candidates disavow them."

I'm glad that people are starting to say it. Numerous reports from around the country of violent attacks on Bush-Cheney campaign offices (see also this), coupled with DNC attempts at censorship and intimidation of the media remind me of the depiction of Krystallnacht in the movie Inside the Third Reich, in which Albert Speer observes with puzzlement the abundant scenes of violence and accompanying media blackout.

More and more, it seems, Democratic activists are leaving behind civil debate and respect for the civil rights of others and resorting to intimidation and violence. I marvel at intelligent, decent coworkers whose hatred and fear of G.W. Bush is visceral and unreasoning. I think this country needs a remedial course on how democracy works, and why it is superior to dictatorships (however "enlightened") or mob rule.