Saturday, October 02, 2004

Time for an ounce of prevention

Jonah Goldberg: Iran at the tipping point (via InstaPundit).

Sounds like the people of Iran would like to leave the Axis of Evil and rejoin the civilized world, and many of them are paying with their lives. What will the Western governments do? Offer platitudes and tut-tut until the mullahs have brutally reestablished control? Will they plan for war anyway because they don't believe the people have a chance, and so replace goodwill toward the West with a retrenchment of Iranian attitudes, thus helping the mullahs?

If we don't lift a finger to help the Iranian people now, future references to democracy, freedom and civil rights will rightly be dismissed as cynical, meaningless rhetoric. I actually doubt that current Western governments will mind, but do the people care?