Thursday, September 09, 2004

You will be medicated. Resistance is futile.

WorldNetDaily reports on the effort in the House of Representatives to legislate mandatory mental health screening for all American children.

Never mind that parental rights are being violated, or that many in this country are skeptical of the legitimacy of psychology as a science or the wisdom of enforced conformity through psychotropic meds, or that potential profit to the pharmaceutical companies is limitless. No, our wise leaders in DC are contemplating whether we are individually or collectively competent to make such decisions, and if they decide we aren't, well, we had better go along or else join the legions of the forcibly medicated.

Is the public, unjustifiably relying on the mainstream media to inform them of important matters, even aware of this? Evidently not. Maybe it won't be such a crime to medicate a nation that is so intellectually lazy anyway. Since the birthright of liberty is held so cheaply by so many, maybe "compassionate" fascism is only a matter of time.

But with everyone medicated, will the trains run on time?