Friday, September 17, 2004

Welcome to the unilateralist party, Vlad.

Russia ready to go to war: Lower-level officials including Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov have threatened preventive strikes against terrorists abroad, and it was not immediately clear whether Putin was referring to actions only at home or abroad, too.

Putin said that the steps would be ”in strict accordance with the law and norms of the constitution, relying on international law”.

...“Every concession leads to a widening of their demands and multiplies the losses,” Putin was quoted as saying.

International law. Yep, sure. Islamic fascists butchered hundreds of Russian school children, and Putin is going to wait for permission from France, Kofi et. al. before going after these killers? In an infidel pig's eye.

Russia had its 9/11 last week. They will respond regardless of the wishes of the apparatchiks at UN headquarters. But somehow I don't see the "nuanced" Left being nearly as bothered by Russian unilateralism and flouting of "international law" as they are by American unilateralism (read: acting in concert with dozens of allied nations but without a few that have sweetheart contracts with tyrranical regimes).

If the UN does utter a sanctimonious peep over coming Russian action, a single word ought to silence their phony moral superiority: Darfur.