Thursday, September 09, 2004

The end result of humanism

Belmont Club: "The Left, having declared itself above the pettiness of all moral belief now finds its emptiness filled by the ugliest and darkest blood-cult on the planet. It was a proud Tower, but its windows are now dark and its rooms filled with old and withered things."

There are still some under the banner of "liberalism" who are honest and decent. But more and more, "liberal" is the term claimed by those hostile to the civil rights of those they disagree with, who are cynical and call it "realism", who are cowardly and call it "nuance", who disdain the masses they profess to work for, who claim the mantle of the US Constitution while opposing it at every turn except when they are using it as justification for everything that was once called sin.

Liberals used to be the optimists. Now they are the reactionaries, the angry, the haters.