Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Brown Shirts: the old analog type

From Fox News:

Activists Disrupt GOP Youth Gathering:Card tried to continue speaking, but was drowned out and stopped as young participants in the morning event scuffled with the demonstrators. Police moved in to remove the protesters, including a young woman hoisted out by two officers — one at her shoulders and one at her knees

At least one GOP supporter was slightly injured. Daniel Suhr, 20, of Milwaukee, said he was punched in the head by a protester. He had a cut near his temple and the side of his face was reddened.

Protesters March on FOX News: Cops clad in riot gear worked to keep the demonstrators from blocking traffic or entering FNC's headquarters near Rockefeller Center, but navigating the crowd that filled the sidewalk and a barricaded strip of street was tricky.

There was a time when part of being liberal was respecting other points of view, or at very least supporting free expression for those one disagreed with. There are still some of those around, of course, but it seems that more and more those on the political left see little wrong with using brute force to intimidate, suppress or assault those they disagree with. Former liberal David Horowitz keeps tabs on thuggery in academia, last time I checked anyway.

Now there will always be fascists around, I guess. What concerns me is that, more and more, it's only unacceptable when it exists on the right.