Friday, September 24, 2004

An audacious suggestion, but why not?

Boortz: Fox News' special investigation has found, for instance, a front company in the United Arab Emirates that operated under the program, selling all sorts of stuff to Iraq. Turns out that company was secretly controlled by the government of Iraq itself, which tried to buy military hardware with it. A lot of money changed hands, and a lot of that money is still missing. Where did it go?

We know that Osama Bin Laden doesn't personally have the cash to fund Al Qaeda's $30 million annual budget. Where is he getting it? It is a fact that Saddam had contact with Al Qaeda....did they do some financial deals?

If it turns out that the U.N. funded terrorism, that makes them a terrorist organization. Very interesting.

What?! Why, the mere suggestion that the UN would be involved in funding terrorism...! After all, they carped about Kosovo. They passed resolutions on Iraq. They objected to genocide in Rwanda. Um, they didn't lift a finger for Laos. They equivocate on Zimbabwe. They murmur at Darfur. They give large democracies a single vote, the same as any tinpot dictatorship. They are blatantly anti-American. They say that Israel's existence is the moral equivalent of Nazism.

The UN sponsors of terrorism? OK, maybe it isn't that farfetched.