Thursday, September 02, 2004

...and then there are salutes

While Fox News showed O'Reilly trading opinions with guests, C Span showed Gen. Tommy Franks, who commanded the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Franks made a point of saluting the current Commander in Chief. This didn't merely negate John Kerry's famous convention salute to --who?-- himself it seemed. This was an honest salute from a decorated war hero, and his decorations didn't come from events he hides from the public. Kerry's salute, given the circumstances and his post-war activities, seemed a cynical charade by comparison.

Franks also provided this great line on the war on terror: "Hope is not a strategy." Let's see Kerry answer this in a way that doesn't lead hearers to suspect that "nuance" is a cover for cluelessness.

Domestically, differences between the two major parties are next to nil. In terms of foreign policy, the Republicans offer a viable approach to Islmanic fascism while the Democrats offer only Michael Moore fantasies and faux militarism. Kerry's "nuance" belongs in a different time than this one.