Monday, August 23, 2004

Wherefore art thou blogging?

Sorry, I am in an undisclosed location.

Actually, the fact that I'm blogging can be blamed on uber-blogger Glenn Reynolds. I was surprised that he didn't make a point I thought someone ought to make, especially him given his legal background and all-around sense of decency. I emailed him without response (hey, he's a busy guy). What was bugging me so bad will be in my next post.

First, a word of explanation on what I think I'm doing here. I plan to comment mostly on politics and culture, but time does not permit me to post as often as Instapundit or in longer, well-written and well-thought-out essays like Belmont Club. Comments will likely be a bit more sporatic and off-the-cuff. My short attention span is the result of a diversity of interests coupled with time constraints. Shoot, I might get bored with blogging inside a week.