Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Under false colors, or just a chameleon?

From Belmont Club: "But the Democratic Party decided to package this man, who was decent on his own terms, in the most dishonest possible way: to use his Vietnam service to deodorize the monstrous fraud at the heart of their own platform. Kerry's problems with Swiftvets are not because his credentials as a warrior are insufficient. Rather they are because no credentials are sufficient to foist this bait-and-switch on the American electorate without exciting adverse comment.

If any proof were needed that the Sixties were dead, the subterfuge of the Democratic Party would be Exhibit A. Instead of running under their own colors, or barring that, changing them, they have decided to sail beneath a false flag, as if under a cloud of shame. "

It wouldn't be the first time in recent history that the American electorate let itself be fooled. When candidate Bill Clinton said that he had tried marijuana but didn't inhale --a lie with a nod and a wink-- and sufficient numbers of people regarded it as inconsequential and voted for him anyway, the result was eight years of corruption, cynicism and scandal. In simple terms, honesty matters. Even today there are those who can't understand why all the opposition to Clinton. Perhaps the divide is between the modernists and the postmodernists. If so, 9-11 is a powerful reminder that objective reality exists and we pretend otherwise at our peril. This is a subtext to the more obvious point that we are at war.

Mort Kondracke said that Kerry is a man without a core. If he does have a core, he hasn't shown it yet. If the events of the last 3 years haven't been adequate reason for Kerry to show one, what would be?