Monday, August 30, 2004

Kerry, Swiftees and misguided legislation

Since I can't get my own comments to post... (on my own blog-- how embarrassing!)

Anonymous said...

"Actually, Kerry's lawsuit is in regards to their connections to the Bush campaign. While, I'm sure everyone is for free speech, the Not-so-Swift Vets must be independent of the Bush campaign. So far there are 4 people that share a common connection between the Swifties and the Bush campaign. If true, it would be illegal."

That's my point though. A connection is alleged, and that allegation is sufficient (in Kerry's mind anyway) to silence the SwiftVets. If this works, anyone can be silenced on an allegation, because you don't need the law on your side, just a sympathetic judge.

"Oh and one more thing, Bush now wants to get rid of all 527's. Something he could've done by not signing the bill that was put in front of him. Flip flop? I'll leave that to you to decide."

Yes, I'd say a flip-flop. Maybe Bush and Kerry can open an IHOP frnachise together (Teresa can provide the condiments).

This would have been much simpler if the Republicans and Democrats in DC took the Constitution seriously and had never passed McCain-Feingold.

"Other than that, I like your website, you seem real level-headed. Later man...."

Thanks for the compliment!